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... from the early 1950s to the early 1990s

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"Vintage Trax Records Redditch"




We are always wanting rock and pop memorabilia and books in, at least, good condition.


For example :


1950s - early 1980s Concert/Festival Programmes -Various Genres & Artists

(including Rolling Stones/The Beatles/ The Who/Small Faces/Led Zeppelin/Jimi Hendrix/Bob Dylan/David Bowie/Roxy Music)/Glastonbury/ Isle of Wight, etc)


1950s - early 1980s Ticket Stubs -Various Genres & Artists

(including 50s Rock'n'Roll & Doo-Wop/The Beatles/Cream/ Led Zeppelin/ Sex Pistols/ The Clash, David Bowie, etc)


1950s - early 1980s Posters & Badges -Various Genres & Artists

(including the Kinks/Rolling Stones/Deep Purple/Roxy Music/David Bowie/The Clash/ Marc Bolan & T.Rex, etc)


Autographs & Photographs- Any Quality Artists & Groups

(subject to authentication)


Music Books (Hardback and Paperback) & Music Magazines

Discographies & Buyer's Guides/ Biographies/Music Reviews & Critiques/Lyrics, etc


Fan Club Merchandise & Limited Edition Promotional Items

(including The Beatles/Rolling Stones/ David Bowie/Led Zeppelin/Marc Bolan &

T.Rex, etc)

Music Memorabilia & Books Wanted - Cash Paid

musicmemorabilia RS Book Bowie Poster Roy Orbison Ticket stub

We also buy Music DVDs of Concerts, Documentaries, etc covering a variety of artists and groups.